Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beeda Weeda - Da Thizzness

I'm kinda late on this but yall gotta cop this album Fassstttt

Beeda Weeda - Da Thizzness - CD

2008 Town Thizzness

01. You Don't Hear My Tummy

02. You Ain't Scarin' Nuthin'

03. My Way (Feat. Lil Kev (3 of a Kind)

04. Gotta Do Me (Feat. 1.O.A.K.)

05. Goodlife (Feat. 1.O.A.K.)

06. I Don't Know Bout Dat

07. Da Thizzness (Feat. Murdah Rue Speaks)

08. Forgot (Feat. Lil Al Da Gamer and 1.O.A.K.)

09. Like Whaaa

10. Bad Ones (Feat. J.Stalin, Squint Lo and 1.O.A.K.)

11. How Fly (Fat. Luc Luciano)

12. Send Her (Feat. 1.O.A.K.)

13. I Don't Ghostride (Feat. Shady Nate and Kaz Kyzah)

14. Tackle Dat Thang

15. Hot Mess (Feat. Playboy)

16. F*ck 4 Free (Feat. Mistah F.A.B., Dem Hoodstarz, and J.Stalin)

17. What's Hannin' Wit' It (Feat. J.Stalin and Kaz Kyzah)

18. Turf's Up Remix (Feat. E-40, Too Short, Turf Talk, Dem Hoodstarz, Eddie P., Clyde Carson, Kaz Kyzah, and San Quinn)

19. On Like Sh*t

You can purchase the album over at Rap!

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