Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Never To late To Learn Music Theory

The benefits of learning music theory is vast in creating better music and further understanding of how things work in the music world.

Sure, with a little bit of practice anybody could make a hot drum track with a simple melody on top but the true artist of beat making knows how to blend instruments together, avoid hitting wrong notes, add compliments to the melody with other instruments, can tell the key its in, and so on and so on..

Definitely it would be in the best concern that the artist learn at least a little bit of music theory before moving along. Some people learn from trial and error from listening to their ears while others learn from charts and reading.

I'm going to show you what helped me along the way to the road of enlightenment of the strange world of Music Theory. is a very useful site to look at to learn all the chords and scales on piano. They also have an option for you to listen how it would sound like. Also on they have a guitar version of the same type of program.

Another great website is (who also has a piano version)

Also is another website worth mentioning (also has a guitar version) is a very unique piano chord/scale website because they give you the ability to enter keys and then they come up with the proper name of the chord you've entered.

Utilize all four websites and see what works best for you.. No need to rush into things, you can save the websites and come back to them as you please. I suggest that whenever you run into trouble when adding instruments to your melody you find out what key it is and then avoid all the wrong notes. Its that simple, the rest is just trial and error before you really start sounding good.

If you are serious about music and wanting to gain further knowledge on the subject I recommend this books to you.

Piano for Dummies Guitar For Dummies How to write songs on keyboards

Watch these videos to further understand the mysteries of music theory.

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