Saturday, August 16, 2008

Huge list of Free Drum Sounds, Sound Kits, Sound Fonts, and Samples

*These are not my links so be Advised that some Links dont work. I will have those in red.

Basically with all these sounds you will be set for a long long long ... Time. All samples are usable by all music production software (included but not limited to) Reason, Fruity Loops, Cube, ProTools, Sound Fonts Etc...



Samples 9th Wonder Kit
African Drums Kit
Amens Sample CD
Banger Kit
Bangin Beatz Samples
Battlecat & PDD Kit HHS
Bay Area Hyphy Kit
Bay Area Hyphy Kit 2
BFA Rush Kits
BFA Xtreme Kit
Bone Thugs Kits
Brass & Hornz Samples
Break Beatz Kit
Cash Money Kit
Club Fightz Kit
Club Hip Hop Drums 1
Club Hip Hop Drums 2
Coast To Coast Kit
Crunk 808 909 Kits
D-Block Kit
DDrums 1
DDrums 2
Deadly Bass Samples
Dirty South Fire Kit
Dirty Southside Loops
DJ Whoo Kit Gun Samples
Dough From Da Go Chops
Dr. Hip Hop 2
Dre Drumz 1
Dre Drumz 2
Dre Drumz 3
Dre Elite Kit
Dres Guitar Licks
Dres Platinum G Series Kit
East Coast Fire Kit
EL Drumkitz
Essential Clapz
Essential Crashes
Essential Hihats
Essential Kickdrumz
Essential Percussion
Essential Shakers
Ethnic Hip Hop Kit
FireStorm Kits
G-Unit Drumz
Gangtsa SFX
Global Percussion Kit
Gotchanoddin' R&B Kit
Guitar Elementz Kit
H Dark Kit
Hella Bumps Kit
HH Guitars 1
HH Guitars 2
HHS Akon & Ron Browz Kit
HHS Beatz By The Pound Kit
HHS Black Eyed Peas Kit
HHS Collipark & Nitti Kit
HHS Cool N Dre Kit
HHS Dr Dre & Eminem Kit
HHS Fabulous Kit
HHS Jay-Z Kit
HHS Jazze Pha Kit
HHS Jermaine Dupri Kit
HHS JR & The Trackboyz Kit
HHS Lil Wayne Kit
HHS Next Selection Kit
HHS Tupac Kit
Hip Hop Acapellas 1
Hip Hop Club Kit
Hip Hop Devastation Drumz
Hip Hop Devastation FX
Hip Hop Devastation Instruments
Hip Hop Devastation One Shots
Hip Hop Devastation Scratches
Hip Hop Devastation Vocal Shouts
Hip Hop Keyz Kit
Hip Hop Keyz R&B Chordz
Hip Hop Sample Collection
Hip Hop Sound FX
Hip Hop Soundfonts
Hip Hop Toolz Kits
HQ Scratch Samples
J Dilla Kit
Jay-Z Kit
Jeezy Kit
Jermaine Dupri Kit
Just Blaze Drumkit
Kanye West Drum Library 1
Kanye West Kit 2
Kanye West Samples Collection
Kanyes Windy City Kit
Kicks&Snares Kit
KR Sample Pack Vol 2
Krunk Klapz
Mannie Fresh Kit HHS
MB BVox Drumz 1
MB I Hip Hop 1
MB Neptunes Kit 2
MB Vinyl Kit
Movie Samples 1.5
Movie Samples 2
MPC60 Kit
MPC Hip Hop Producer Drumz
MPC Kit 3
Native American Samples
Neptunes Kit 2
NG Guitar Loops
Off Tha Hook Dirty South Kit
Old School Kit
Orchestra Drumz PROFX
Orchestral Fire Kit
Phat Boyz Drum Tools
Premiere Vinyl Legends Kit
Producer Drumz
PSP Orchestral Essentials
PSS Dre Drumkit
Psychedelic Fade Ins
Psychedelic Fade Outs
R-Factory Drumz
R Presets (For R3.0)
Scott Storch Drum Collection
SDM Sound FX
Slim Shady Elite Drumz
Smokas Delight Kits
Street Swishes PROFX
Super Platinum Kit
Synth FX
The Carter 2 Kit
The Gutta Logic Kit
The Tape 808 Sample Pack
The Weaponz Kit
Three 6 Mafia Elite Kit
Timbaland Drum Collection
Timbaland Drumz 1
Timbaland Drumz 2
Timbaland Drumz 3
TR808 Kit
TR909 Kit
U.K. Hip Hop Collection Vol.1
Underground Hip Hop Breakz
Vintage Dre Tonez
Vocal Fire
Vocal Samples
Vocal Samples Hip Hop
Vocal Samples Reggaeton
Vocal Samples RnB
Westcoast Kit Vol. 1
Westcoast Kit Vol. 2
Westcoast Ryda Kit
Ying Yang & Pitbull Kit
ZG Grinding Kit


Aisle 5 Lead Soundfont
Akai Orchestral Soundfonts
Blockhead Lead Soundfont
Choir Aahs Soundfont*
Concert Harp Soundfont*
CS-80 Lead Soundfont
Drawbar Organ Soundfont
Electric Grand Soundfont
English Horn Soundfont
Flute Soundfont
French Horn Soundfont
Insect Lead Soundfont
Musicbox Soundfont
Orchestra Hit Soundfont
Organic Lead Soundfont
Planetary Lead Soundfont
Pizzicato Strings Soundfont
Rock Organ Soundfont
String Ensemble Soundfont
String Ensemble 2 Soundfont
Synth Strings Soundfont
Synth Strings 2 Soundfont*
Trumpet Soundfont
Tubular Bells Soundfont
Vibraphone Soundfont*
Violin Soundfont
Violin Soundfont Collection



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Very nice list. I like your blog too btw.

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