Monday, August 25, 2008

A Look Into The Life Of Nerd

"It's impossible to do 'em all," Pharrell says about the infinite array of
ass at his disposal.

I LoLed when I read this.. and I have to agree You just can't do um all.. =D hahaha

The Neptunes don't pimp the halfway hustle that basement crews across the universal hood fraudulently boast; their non-stop efforts have produced results since 1998 when Noreaga swam laps around the English Channel on their beat for "Super Thug."

"You have to remember what got you there," Pharrell says. "You have to remember why the chicks are into you. If you're not catering to that, then you'll die. You have to have priorities. A lot of people fall off for that very reason - they lose focus of how they got in the room that they're in."

Yup, that goes to show you that hardwork and staying humble really pays off!

[Source via YRB Mag.]

[Image via LionelDeluy.]

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